Seminars with Dr. Mahesh Gandhi

in Herrsching (Munich)



14. – 17. July 2016 in Wessling

'Yin & Yang' Seminar together with Jayesh Shah 

'Complementary Approaches'

13. – 15. January 2017 in Wessling

'Mood Disorders'

Dear colleagues,

In the upcoming seminar, Dr. Mahesh Gandhi will talk about the homoeopathic treatment of mood disorders. As was the case in his previous seminars, there will once again be valuable and - most of all - practical advice on how to treat in homoeopathic practice.  So far, Gandhi has shown in an impressive way that psychiatric cases are often easier to treat than other cases, as the basic theme or vital sensation is often more easily recognizable. As a long-term companion of Rajan Sankarans, Gandhi works with the sensation method as well as with the stages of development according to Yakir. Gandhi is very apt at grouping the basic themes of the patient, which he understands to be the expression of his or her personal stage of development, into the relevant subclasses of the kingdoms. In doing this, he is able to select a remedy which corresponds to this stage of development. This systematolgoy has proven extremely helpful in our practical work especially in cases where the vital sensation is not recognizable. So far, Gandhi has demonstrated this in a very convincing way in cases of panic and anxiety disorders, social phobias, OCD, and some psychotic disorders.
Allow yourselves to be inspired and thrilled by one of the most experienced psychiatrists and homoeopaths in the world.

Looking forward to welcoming you

Mike Keszler