Homeopathy & Psychiatry

Dr. Mahesh Gandhi

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„His background as a Psychiatrist has given him the opportunity to treat various pyschiatric cases with classical homeopathy. I often refer my psychiatric cases to him for advice on their management. It is a pleasure to see his cases and learn from them.“
Dr. Rajan Sankaran, India
Dr. Mahesh Gandhi is a close associate of mine. He is a committed and keen homoeopath with a solid background in Psychiatry. I have found his cases very illuminating, particularly his work in psychiatric cases and his exploration of remedies in these cases. He is a very good speaker and I heartily recommend his seminar to all serious students and practitioners of homoeopathy.
Dr. Rajan Sankaran, India
For me, it is an exceptional professional experience to watch a home- opath handling live cases with hard mind pathologies, based on long term and constant allopathic psychiatric medication.Grasping the core from within a complex picture, along with reducing slowly and safely allopathic medicines, while keeping the patient health stability – for me this is the healing art.
Tomer Harel, Israel
He is an excellent teacher, has a profound knowledge in psychiatry and combines it beautifully with homeopathic practice ... his rich experience is felt in the way he takes the history, understands the case and conveys his insights to the audience ... his approach and success in treating cases with deep psychiatric pathology gives us hope and courage to deal with this kind of patients in our practice ... and above all, Mahesh is a gem of a person
Dr. Rina Markovits, Israel
Mahesh Gandhi‘s Seminar im November `06 war eine Bereicherung für mich. Die Präzision der Übersetzung der Beschwerden der Patienten, einschließlich der Gesten, in das Gesamtverständnis der Erkrankung des Patienten war beeindruckend. Sein klares, einfaches Englisch zusammen mit der intensiven Wiederholung und Erklärung der wichtigsten Passagen von Video-Anamnese und Follow-up ermöglichten einen intensiven Lernschritt. Hinzu vermittelte er ein umfangreiches Wissen auf dem Gebiet der psychiatrischen und psychosomatischen Erkrankungen, das gerade in der heutigen Zeit, wo viele Patienten mit diesen Störungen in unsere Praxen kommen, an Bedeutung gewinnt. Darüber hinaus war Mahesh in persönlichem Kontakt herzlich, offen und integer, was den Umgang mit ihm sehr angenehm gestaltete.
Anne Schadde, Germany